Anderson Addiction Recovery & Support Services


Our mission is to help individuals and families in the pursuit of continuous growth & contentment while creating freedom from addiction through the intimate knowledge of change.




You’re not alone!  Approximately one in ten are suffering from addiction and only a small fraction of those while practicing abstinence are seeking any type of self-care or quality of life assistance. There is a better way.

Family Services

Family Addiction Support

The recovery process is not only important for the person with the addiction. It is equally as important to the family and loved ones to be able to grow, support and set healthy boundaries while understanding what this journey entails.

Relapse Prevention

Addicton Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is an integral part of recovery process that far to often goes overlooked or ignored completely. Quitting is just the beginning! We offer life long recovery support via Webinars for Life to all our clients. 


“Dean’s personality, his education, and his life experience combine to make him uniquely capable as a counsellor. I heartily recommend his services to anyone who needs a compassionate and intelligent ear!” M.K.
Click here to See Dean on daytime television

Click here to See Dean on daytime television